Critical Chart

If you feel like introducing an extra feeling of pure awesomeness to your role-playing experience, feel free to use this set of tables to determine the gruesome outcome of all those times when the dice are behaving good. I promise you; your players will enjoy the intense and immersive role-play while imagining their opponents tightly holding on to their underpants.

Check out what these people said about this supplement:

I really like it. It took me way, way back to the 80's and 90's and trying to incorporate the carnage from Hackmaster (I think) into our games of DnD. Good times!

Al Pidwell, Trinity Knot Studio

This is interesting. It definitely makes stuff more deadly and adds another layer to non-magic users’ experience. Nice.

Matthew Idler, BookBaby

Oof! That’s one mean set of detrimental effects! I really like it. It flows nicely and is easy enough to follow.

It’s really well presented and the production looks dope! I spent way too long looking at the glossy title.

Will be printing off and using for sure.

Liam Young, MapMan Creations

The Table is pure Rock ‘N’ Roll!

Chris Karelis, The Kind GM

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