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I’m crafty, less commonly known as Predrag Filipović, the creator behind Crafty’s Tabletop, a small online brand, dabbling in all things RPG, mostly game design and research, as well as some tabletop crafting, hence the nickname. I also work in marketing and run a small team of creatives that can help you produce your game at a reduced cost without sacrificing the quality.

Crafty’s Tabletop is present on multiple social media. Feel free to check out Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch

Crafty is an absolute pleasure. He is an incredibly talented individual in both digital art and brand marketing. I have had the opportunity to work with him on several projects and the end result is always a success.

Cameron Ackerson, Creator @ DnD Coalition

Crafty really helped me get on my feet when I had just started to make my own Tabletop Games. He offered expert game design advice, logo and art design help alongside absolutely stellar support, which he still does to this day.

I honestly don’t know how someone can be so talented at a multitude of things but Crafty is.

Maybe it’s dark magic?
It’s probably not...
But maybe.

Liam Young, Game Designer @ MapMan Creations

I can’t say enough good things about the man known as “Crafty” we’ve been lucky enough to interact with him ever since we first took to Twitter and in that time we’ve found him to be an enthusiastic supporter of all of the good that comes out of the TTRPG space. Always positive, he offers sound advice and support in addition to his top-rate design work, if you need an artist, a logo, a Kickstarter video or just a sounding board, Crafty should be the person you speak too.

Al Pidwell, Game Designer @ Trinity Knot Studio

I had the pleasure of working with Crafty in preparation of the Kickstarter for the Black Void core book in 2018. He initially contributed with animated video sequences based on artwork and additionally provided an engaging logo-reveal video.

Crafty is easy to work with and seems to intuitively understand our target audience and how to appeal to them with his contributions. I can happily recommend working with him.

Christoffer S. Sevaldsen, Owner @ Black Void Games

Crafty helped me with designing the logo for my tabletop role-playing game, Perilous Ventures. He clearly understood the purpose of the logo, offering insight on what would be a recommended approach for its design; namely, to be instantly recognizable, compact, and easy to print and reproduce. During the design process, he showed me different iterations and sketches letting me not only see the creation process, but also making it possible for me to offer input in its design and final form. In the end, I got delivered a fantastic, high-resolution logo in different formats that I can use for web and print media. I'm completely satisfied with his work and the results we got!

Jose Kercado, Game Designer @ Dice Pencil & Paper

Crafty is an extraordinary creator. He lives up to his name when it comes to craftiness. Finally, he has an unending willingness to collaborate with other creators and make the community a better place.

Chris Karelis, Creator @ The Kind GM


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